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Judith's work is inspired by the diversity and uniqueness of people whom she sculpts and paints. Her sculpture is done predominantly in clay and bronze. Judith completed a Bachelor of Design (Ceramics) at SACAE Underdale in 1983.

During 2003 at the Adelaide Centre for the ARTS, Judith has produced a life sized figure in bronze of a young gymnast balancing on a beam. This is currently housed in the foyer of the AC ARTS building.

Last year's work has been to develop her life sculpture further and has focused on dance students at AC Arts, trying to capture the complexity of dynamic movement of the dancer. She was drawn into their world and the impetus for her work began.

Individual steps from a contemporary dance performance lead to individual small wax sculptures being poured in bronze. Numerous sketches preceded the working drawings for these sculptures.

As these were time consuming and very detailed, Judy also began to work with a welded steel armature to make a more imposing but simplified dance figure. The steel was then encased in plaster and the figures more loosely modelled.

These figures are three quarter life sized retaining something of the dance student, and allow the sculpting of the wet plaster to show the maker's marks. This was a new challenge to make a group of dancers show some of the steps of their performance.

This culminated in her exhibition "In Motion" during the Adelaide Fringe 2006.

Portrait painting in oils are also part of her professional practice. From tonal realism, more recently her work has used technological advances to compose her paintings and some have become more hard edged.

Fettling the bronze arms for "I can do that"

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