Judith Rolevink, Sculptor

home“…I [explore] the figure and head as a vehicle for story-telling and expression…”

Judith is a South Australian sculptor and ceramicist. Whilst her passion is in the field of sculpture she is also an accomplished oil painter. She is known for the complexity of her technique and her ability to communicate the essence of her subject to the viewer.

Judith has often explored religious themes through sculptural works. “Mary Mackillop and Children” was her first major public bronze sculpture and was unveiled in 2009 for the Adelaide Catholic Archdiocese. Her treatment of the bronze patina is one of the key features of this sculpture and adds great interest to the surface with touches of white, blue and gold. Another sculpture of Mary Mackillop was unveiled in 2012 at the Mary Mackillop Memorial Chapel in North Sydney. Her attention to historical accuracy is also important to Rolevink with a careful consideration shown in her treatment of clothing.

Her 2014 bronze of the of the South Australian cricketer George Giffen is a testament to Rolevink’s ability to capture the personality of her subject. Residing at the newly constructed Adelaide Oval, this is an imposing 2.25 metre high work. She also works with coloured patinas on this bronze.

Throughout her works be it sculpture or painting; Judith has a desire to capture the essence of the person she is conveying together with their thoughts and feelings.

Although she sculpts alone, she is part of the bigger community of artists in Adelaide and she is in contact with other artists through Guildhouse and SALA and continues to study.